About ApplePly

ApplePly's uniform veneers, with almost no voids, makes an attractive edge for furniture and architectural interiors.

Valued for its virtually solid hardwood core and the attractive edge appearance of thin, uniform innerplies, ApplePly has won a following from architects and architectural woodworkers, furniture and fixture designers, case good manufacturers and professional and amateur woodworkers alike. Appleply's attractive edge has been a featured design element in interior fit outs of major retailers including GAP, Nike, Body Shop and Children's Place. It has been selected for furniture design classes at The Rhode Island School of Design, Savannah College of Art and Design and Appalachian State University, and found applications as diverse as drawer sides and telescopes.

ApplePly is constructed from 1/16" Birch innerplies using a two-step lamination process, and no added urea-formaldehyde adhesive. Innerplies are first assembled into a core blank and size sanded to a metered tolerance before being overlaid with selected face and back veneers. This process insures a solid, smooth and flat product and eliminates telegraphing of imperfections in the core. The all hardwood construction machines beautifully without tearout or burn. Because of its machinability, ApplePly is often substituted for solid wood.

Typically supplied with a Maple face veneer, ApplePly is also available with virtually any specie and grade of commercial veneer. Factory applied ultraviolet cured finishes are also an option. ApplePly is California Air Resources Board certified, no added urea-formaldehyde and available as Forest Stewardship Council certified.

ApplePly is a registered trademark of States Industries LLC, a manufacturer of commercial hardwood plywood based in Eugene, Oregon. States has been supplying wood panel products throughout North America since 1966, and is recognized for bringing new and innovative materials to market. States pioneered factory finished hardwood panels and has been a leader in the effort to improve the environmental performance of all hardwood plywood. States' products are sold through a network of independent distributors across the US and Canada.

ApplePly has been States' flagship product since it was brought to the market in 1984